Regulations For The Certification And Inspection Of Production License For Industrial Products

- Nov 13, 2018-

Article 19 The designated license inspection institution shall, within the designated scope, carry out the inspection of the production license products in accordance with the requirements of the implementing rules of the production license products.

Article 20 License inspection institutions shall continue to maintain the inspection capabilities required by the designated scope of inspection products.

Article 21 License inspection institutions shall formulate production license inspection work systems such as sample management, inspection, examination, issuance of inspection reports and submission of inspection reports, strictly enforce the system, and ensure objective, impartial and timely completion of production license inspection work.

Article 22 License inspection institutions shall establish technical archives for inspection of production license products and ensure that the archives are complete, true and valid. The time limit for archives preservation is five years.

Article 23 License inspection institutions shall take part in the comparative test of production license product inspection items organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection or the provincial quality and technical supervision departments, and actively cooperate with the supervision and inspection organized by the quality and technical supervision departments.

Article 24 License inspection institutions shall collect inspection fees from enterprises in accordance with the inspection fee standards for production license products stipulated by the State.

Article 25 If there is any objection to the inspection results of the production license, the enterprise may, within 5 days from the date of receipt of the inspection report, submit an application for reexamination to the examination organization unit (except for items or products that cannot be reexamined), and explain the reasons. Other license inspection institutions shall be selected by the examination organization unit and submitted to the National License Office for approval before re-inspection of the enterprise's products. The cost of re inspection shall be borne by the original inspection institution.

After accepting the re examination application, the license inspection organization shall report to the superior quality and technical supervision department immediately.

Article 26 If the name, address and affiliated units of a license inspection institution change their information, they shall submit an application for change to the provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau within one month after the change and submit the Application Form for Filing the Change of Information of an Industrial Product Production License Inspection Institution (hereinafter referred to as the Application Form for Change), as attached. The provincial quality and Technical Supervision Bureau shall examine and confirm the application materials for change of license inspection institutions and submit the application materials to the National License Office within 5 days from the date of receipt of the application materials for change.

The National License Office shall organize the National License Examination Center to complete the examination within 30 days from the date of receipt of the relevant information change materials from the License Inspection Institution, and approve the issuance.

Article 27 License inspection institutions shall not engage in the following acts in the inspection of production license products:

(1) failing to carry out the inspection work according to the standards, methods and time limits specified in the detailed rules for the implementation of the products;

(two) falsifying inspection conclusions or issuing false inspection reports;

(3) To engage in the production and sale of products related to the scope of inspection designated by them, or to recommend, supervise and distribute them in their name;

(4) Mandatory marketing or disguised mandatory marketing of inspection instruments and equipment to enterprises applying for production licenses in the name of inspection institutions;

(five) engage in or introduce paid consultations for enterprises to make production licenses;

(six) collect inspection fees illegally.

(seven) in violation of the regulations, the enterprises must be required to send samples for inspection.

(eight) to disclose technical secrets and business secrets of enterprises;

(nine) the inspection task of subcontracting or subcontracting production licenses;

(ten) other acts violating laws, regulations and rules.

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