Responsibility Regulations For Repair, Replacement And Return Of Household Automobile Products - Producer's Obligation

- Dec 17, 2018-

Article 8 Producers shall strictly enforce the system of ex-factory inspection; products of household automobiles that have not passed the inspection shall not be sold out of the factory.

Article 9 The producer shall file with the AQSIQ the basic information of the producer, vehicle type information, agreed sales and repair outlet information, product use instructions, three-package vouchers, maintenance manual, three-package liability dispute handling and vehicle return information and other relevant information of three-package household automobile products, and timely update the record when the information changes.

Article 10 Household automobile products shall have Chinese certificates of product qualification or related certificates, along with on-board documents such as product use instructions, three packages of certificates, maintenance manuals, etc.

The instructions for the use of products shall meet the requirements of national standards such as the instructions for the use of consumer goods. Where the performance and safety of household automobile products are not specified in the relevant standards, the requirements of their performance indicators, working conditions and working environment shall be specified in the product instructions.

The three packages of vouchers shall include the following contents: product brand, model, vehicle type specification, vehicle identification code (VIN), production date; producer name, address, postal code, customer service telephone; seller name, address, postal code, telephone and other sales outlet information, sales date; repair outlet information such as repairman name, address, postal code, telephone, etc. Relevant inquiry methods; three-package clauses of household automobile products, warranty period and validity period of three-package, and other contents that should be indicated in accordance with the stipulated requirements.

Maintenance manual should be standardized in format and practical in content.

Where tools, spare parts and other articles are provided on board, a list of articles on board shall be attached.

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