Specification And Definition Of Equipment Engineering Supervision Specification

- Nov 09, 2018-

The following terms and definitions established in GB/T 19000-2008 are applicable to this standard.

3.1 equipment engineering plant engineering

Engineering with equipment as the main construction content includes planning, design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and other processes.

Note 1: equipment engineering includes overhaul and technical transformation of equipment system.

Note 2: in practical applications, equipment engineering may be called equipment engineering.

3.2 client client

The organization entrusted with the supervision of equipment is generally referred to as the owner.

3.3 equipment supervision unit plant engineering consulting entity

The organization that has the qualification of enterprise legal person, obtains the qualification of the equipment supervision unit, and is engaged in the equipment supervision service.

Note: The term "equipment engineering supervision" in this standard refers to the service of specialized supervision and management of equipment engineering by the equipment supervision unit, entrusted by the principal, in accordance with the contract agreement. The equipment supervision and equipment engineering supervision in this standard have the same meaning.

3.4 the supervision unit contractor; supplier; sub-supplier

According to the contract, the equipment supervision unit entrusts the contractor supervised by the principal.

Note: Contractor refers to the party with whom the principal has signed a contract on matters related to the equipment supervision project except the equipment supervision unit. It may be the design contractor, the project contractor, the equipment supplier and the contractor of the equipment engineering project.

3.5 Equipment Supervision Engineer Plant Engineering Consulting Engineer

The equipment supervisor who has obtained the professional qualification certificate of the equipment supervisor and has been registered is the registered equipment supervisor, or the equipment supervisor who has been approved by the self-discipline organization of the equipment supervision industry.

3.6 project supervision body project consulting organization

The equipment supervision unit entrusts the organization responsible for fulfilling the supervision contract.

3.7 Chief Supervision Engineer Chief Consulting Engineer

The registered equipment supervisor authorized by the equipment supervision unit and acting on behalf of the equipment supervision unit is fully responsible for fulfilling the supervision contract and presiding over the work of the project supervision organization.

3.8 the chief supervision engineer represents chief Consulting Engineer 's representative.

The equipment supervision engineer in the project supervision organization who is authorized by the chief supervision engineer in writing and exercises part of his functions and powers on behalf of the chief supervision engineer.

3.9 professional supervision engineer Consulting Engineer

To be responsible for the supervision of equipment in a certain specialty or aspect, and the equipment supervision engineer who has the right to visa the corresponding supervision documents.

3.10 professional supervision engineer assistant auxiliary staff in consulting

Professionals assisting professional supervisory engineers usually do not have the right of visa for supervisory documents. They may have the right of witness signature with the authorization of the chief supervisory engineer or professional supervisory engineer.

3.11 quality plan quality plan

Documentation specifying who and when to use which procedures and related resources for a particular project, product, process or contract.

[GB/T 19000-2008, terminology and definition 3.7.5]

Note 1: With the approval of the principal and the approval of the technical person in charge of the equipment supervision unit, documents are used to specify the service process and resources of the specific supervision project.

Note 2: the overall quality plan can be worked out, and the quality plan for individual activities can also be prepared.

Note 3: The details of the quality plan are consistent with the requirements of the client, the mode of operation and the complexity of the supervision project.

Note 4: Many common documents that need to be applied in quality planning may be included in their quality management system documents, which may need to be selected, rewritten and/or supplemented;

Note 5: The quality plan can be used as an independent document or as part of other documents, such as project management plan.

Note 6: in practical applications, quality planning may be called supervision plan.

3.12 supervision details consulting Guide

The operation guidance document stipulates a specific supervision activity detailed operation method in the supervision service process.

3.13 witness witness

Equipment supervisors observe, examine, record and confirm documents, records, entities, processes, and other physical objects and activities.

3.14 document witness record point

restriction point

The supervisory control points preset by the equipment supervisory engineer to witness the relevant documents, records or reports of the equipment engineering.

3.15 live witness witness point

W point

The supervisory control points are pre-set by the equipment supervisory engineer to witness the process, process, node or result of the equipment engineering on the spot.

3.16 stop witness hold point

H point

The equipment supervisory engineer will witness and sign before transferring to the next process, process or node and preset supervisory control point.

3.17 daily inspection and inspection of ordinary inspection

Regular or unscheduled on-site supervision of equipment engineering by equipment supervisors.

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