Sports Equipment Can Make Us Healthy

- Oct 13, 2017-

Sports equipment can receive people's favor, in fact, the main willingness is that it can strengthen the body, can let us healthy health.

Exercise Equipment Fitness is one of the best ways to exercise muscle. Because regularly engaged in sports equipment fitness, can make muscle fiber thickening, muscle of the capillary increased, so that the muscle of the physiological cross-section of the increase, so that the muscle more substantial, full, developed. At the same time, the improvement of the central nervous system regulation can also lead to stronger muscles. Not only that, Sport Equipment exercise equipment fitness can also promote bone metabolism, improve its resistance to compression, tensile, torsion and other properties. In addition, the growth and development of joints and ligaments have a good promoting effect.

The muscles are composed of slender muscle fibers. The muscle fiber is also the basic constituent unit of the muscle original fiber. The number of muscle fibers in the body is generally five months after birth, but the muscle fibers are relatively variable. In the process of exercise equipment fitness, Sport Equipment repeated and intense stimulation can make the basic constituent substance of the muscle fiber-protein synthesis increase. These proteins can also synthesize new muscle fibers, which makes the muscle fibers thicker, that is, the muscle mass increases.

In normal conditions, only 30~270 capillary capillaries are open on the transverse section of the muscle of each square millimeter, and the rest are in a closed state. As for exercise equipment, Sport Equipment there will be as many as 200.013 million capillaries open. After a long period of training, the muscles of the open capillary state than usual greatly increased, coupled with the muscle fiber thickened, Sport Equipment the muscle will naturally become developed and powerful.

Improve health and eliminate fat

Because the whole body is a unified whole, so each muscle is closely connected with other systems in the body. Regular exercise equipment fitness, can significantly improve the circulatory system, respiratory system, digestive systems and the functioning of the central nervous system, Sport Equipment so that the overall improvement of physique, health conditions can be comprehensively improved.

The circulatory system is composed of heart and blood vessels. Blood vessels throughout the body transmit oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body, while the waste from the cell tissue activity is transported to the lungs, kidneys, skin and other areas. Exercise Equipment Fitness can not only increase the cardiac cavity capacity, Sport Equipment myocardial and blood vessel elasticity, but also can make the heart contractility and vascular diastolic ability to improve. It has been proved that the heart rate of a person who has been engaged in exercise equipment for a long time can be kept between $number times per minute. The average person's heart rate is more 70~90 times. Sport Equipment Because of the decrease of heart rate and the increase of cardiac rest time, the reserve ability of heart function is greatly improved. It is not difficult to see that a more affordable heart, Sport Equipment to improve the human body's activities and adaptability, enhance metabolic function and immunity, how important role.

The lung is the main organ of the respiratory system, and it is composed of respiratory system. The lungs are composed of bronchi, blood vessels, and lung leaflets. Each lung leaflet has 400 alveoli. The lungs have a total of $number million alveoli. The human breath is the gas exchange between the alveoli and the capillaries around it. Adults Breathe $number times a minute in a quiet state and inhale about 0.2 ~ 0.3 liters of oxygen. Sport Equipment Only 1/20 of the alveolar opening is enough to complete. During exercise, more oxygen is needed because of increased activity and metabolic enhancement. This requires breathing muscles to shrink more forcefully, Sport Equipment absorb more fresh oxygen, and exhale more carbon dioxide. The effect of exercise equipment fitness on respiratory function is to improve the breathing depth, and then the respiration frequency. In this way, the gas exchange volume of each breath increases, not only conducive to the rest of the respiratory muscles, but also improve the function of the respiratory system reserve, so as to ensure that the movement of gas exchange needs to improve the body's functional level.

Exercise Equipment Fitness has a good effect on digestive system composed of digestive tract and digestive gland. Because muscle activity consumes a lot of nutrients, this needs to be supplemented in time. At the same time, muscle activity can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, stimulate the secretion of digestive fluid increased, so that digestion and absorptive capacity can be improved. The appetite is good, the natural appetite increases greatly.

What are the main points to be mastered when choosing sports equipment?

First of all, to be targeted, that is, what do we need? This is to be located from our exercise purpose. People have different goals for exercise because of their gender, age, environment and time. Therefore, we should integrate their own aspects of the actual situation to the necessary sports equipment positioning, and ultimately determine what to buy. Because the range of sports equipment is very wide, its requirements for the human body is very different, some suitable for young people's vigorous aerobic exercise, while others are suitable for the elderly in the relatively gentle movement. From the point of exercise, some practice upper limbs, some practice lower limbs, Sport Equipment some practice lumbar abdomen, some exercise back muscle. In short, the purchaser should be based on their own physical conditions and exercise intention to buy suitable varieties.

Speaking of which, I would like to give you a brief introduction to the concept and classification of sports equipment, so as to help people target positioning. Sports equipment is used to improve physical fitness, increase body function, physical exercise, sports basic training and general rehabilitation exercise special equipment, according to its function can be divided into the treadmill, fitness car, power-type trainer, Sport Equipment weightlifting machine and fitness massage and other equipment.

Treadmill: The treadmill is the most effective aerobic exercise, suitable for all types of personnel, have a mechanical treadmill and electric treadmill. Mechanical treadmill is an earlier generation of treadmills, with the replacement of the treadmill, now has been basically out of the market. The electric treadmill is a new generation treadmill, which replaces the mechanical treadmill, which is a combination of active and passive running mode. The trainer can set the running speed according to his or her own physical fitness, forcing the trainer to run at this speed. Note: If you do not understand their own situation, start with a small speed, in the running process, and then adjust.

Power Type Sports Equipment: This is the most common equipment in the gymnasium, many varieties, including weightlifting rack, push-up rack, sit-ups rack, Pull-down trainer, pull trainer, comprehensive training equipment, etc., larger gyms are generally equipped with dozens of series of equipment, Sport Equipment targeted to exercise a certain part of the muscle strength, The fitness person can choose the appropriate equipment according to the part that oneself wants to practice.

A variety of fitness car categories: including fitness car, walking machine, stepper, and so on, it in aerobic exercise can also make the cardiovascular system get exercise. Compared with other traditional practice, it is not easy to produce fatigue, suitable for all kinds of people.

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