Sports Equipment Maintenance Is Necessary

- Jul 13, 2017-

Sports equipment need to be properly maintained before they can be used for longer, but also in the use of more secure, to avoid the risk of movement in the time, in addition, you can also reduce the cost of maintenance, in short, the maintenance of sports equipment is necessary of.

How to maintain sports equipment

Dynamic equipment

In the process of exercise, entertainment with the movement of the human body moving equipment, known as dynamic sports equipment, such as pedal, twist waist, space walker and so on. Sport Equipment Such equipment in the maintenance should pay attention to several points:

① sports parts of the fuel in the outdoor sports equipment, used in oil lubrication more, and most of the state is fully sealed. This kind of equipment is best to change the oil once a year for maintenance. It is important to note that outdoor equipment is not suitable for use of thin (machine) oil lubrication.

② movement of the movement of parts; fitness equipment, sports parts of the movement gap are generally designed to turn the shaft of 0.001 ~ 0.002 times the diameter size. The gap is too small, Sport Equipment the heat generated when the movement is easy to stuck, the gap is too large and easy to produce vibration, damage to parts. General fitness equipment should be in the maintenance of sports parts of the movement of the gap, due to the use of time is too long or the use of high frequency and have excessive movement gap, should immediately replace the relevant parts, or notify the relevant manufacturers.

③ fastening of the fasteners; outdoor fitness equipment are generally used to prevent loose structure of the fasteners, but there are individual equipment in the installation without the use of anti-loose structure of the fasteners, the user encountered such a situation Should promptly to the relevant manufacturers. Fasteners of the anti-loose structure can be divided into removable anti-loose structure, Sport Equipment one-time anti-loose structure, in the maintenance should be clear before the two structures.

④ rust and corrosion; community fitness equipment are generally installed in the outdoor use, so every year should be a rust maintenance work. In the rust-proof maintenance process, should pay attention to the original equipment on the paint polished clean before the paint can be refreshed. Also for the characteristics of dynamic equipment, Sport Equipment around the moving parts should be done to clean the oil work to ensure that the paint with the bonding strength of equipment.

Static equipment

In the exercise, the entertainment process is always static state of the equipment known as static sports equipment, such as single parallel bars, ladder, balance beam and so on. Such equipment maintenance should pay attention to several points:

① equipment welding seam; static equipment is a large part of the use of welding connection components. As the equipment in the course of the use of a variety of external forces, the welding site may have welding cracks, equipment maintenance personnel and users should always pay attention to the situation at the weld, Sport Equipment found cracks to promptly notify the relevant personnel to take measures to ensure that equipment Safe use.

② the degree of elastic deformation of the force; equipment in the force after the deformation will occur. When the equipment by the external force disappeared, the deformation of the device also disappeared, this deformation is called elastic deformation. On the contrary, after the disappearance of the external force of the equipment, the deformation of the equipment does not disappear, then this deformation has exceeded the elastic deformation range of the equipment, maintenance personnel should promptly find the situation and notify the relevant personnel, exchange parts or the entire equipment.

③ fixed structure of the loose; fitness equipment in the installation must be fixed, Sport Equipment and the fixed structure of the loose, in static, dynamic equipment will be produced.

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