Sports Equipment More Types

- Oct 25, 2017-

Sports equipment can be divided into indoor and outdoor two, no matter what kind, there are many types, each kind of exercise parts are different. Sports equipment often to the number of training functions into a single function and integrated multi-functional two categories. Sport Equipment Single-function equipment, commonly used rowing, bodybuilder, Jianbu machine, treadmill, the United States and so on.

Their main function is: to increase the arm strength: dumbbell grip power multi-function sit-ups.

Rowing: mainly used to enhance arm strength, Sport Equipment latissimus dorsi and action coordination ability.

AMT Fitness Machine: Unlike other fitness methods, users can switch to stairs, walking, jogging and long-distance running in different modes of motion and full zero shock experience. You can use this instant conversion mode feature to adjust your training pattern to target specific muscle group training.

Oval Runner: Smooth and smooth trajectory and cross slope patented technology allows users to meet the biomechanical posture exercise muscle group, Sport Equipment increasing the diversity and effectiveness of exercise. Zero resistance to exercise to reduce the occurrence of muscle strain.

Bodybuilding: exercise, like riding a bike, mainly used to enhance the leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function.

Walker: mainly used to exercise the legs, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function.

Treadmill: mainly used to exercise the legs, buttocks, waist, Sport Equipment abdominal muscles and heart and lung function, is a simulation of running, walking sports equipment.

Beauty waist machine: the waist, back to relax massage.

Comprehensive multi-function device: generally include extension chest, pull up, supine elected, sit-ups and other equipment functions. Chest, pull up, supine recommended, mainly used to exercise upper limb strength and pectoralis muscle strength; sit-ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscle group, Sport Equipment reduce the waist and abdomen excess fat.

How to choose sports equipment

First, clear the use of sports equipment effect. Should have one or two functions of the product, if you want to exercise the arm muscles on the election arm device, want to exercise waist and abdomen and legs on the election of health riding machine or Jian abdomen and so on. Sport Equipment As for the physical strength of the treadmill, comprehensive exercise, in addition to choose to go to a professional gym, you can help regular outdoor exercise.

Second, consider the living environment and living conditions. A suitable for their own family atmosphere and living conditions of the equipment, will improve the quality of life. In general, a single function of the fitness area is small, some of the more functional use of fitness at home, some functions due to space constraints, and can not really play a role; and if the area is too large, every use Need to install or move, Sport Equipment will greatly reduce the enthusiasm of fitness.

Third, the price is moderate. Do not blindly worship foreign products, domestic production of products, the price is relatively low, more types of sports equipment, the function of these products is fully able to meet the needs of exercise, and because of the addition of some local elements, Sport Equipment some features are foreign sports Lack of equipment.

Fourth, after-sales service to pay attention. Buy fitness equipment also like to buy other products, do not ignore the problem of after-sales service, especially parts more fitness, but also to ask the specific way of service, foreign products to ask whether there is maintenance point.

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