Sports Equipment Play An Important Role

- Jul 01, 2017-

Sports equipment bearing the column of thickening of the steel pipe ... all of these goals are to improve the long-term movement of sports equipment to provide a guarantee, and this adaptation. Calmly manipulate the progress of the day will greatly enhance the national social fitness project social analysis of benefits. Talked about the new standard, the State Sports General Administration of Sports Equipment and Equipment Center Sporting Goods Director, China Sports Goods Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Hou Li Bo confidently said: shape and structure hypothetical request in the cut, squeeze, And winding 'fall protection' fall preparedness' and 'channel' and so on a large number of quantitative requests for the forward movement of equipment, Sport Equipment the integrity of the product laid a fundamental scale, will play an important role in the national fitness project, greatly increased due to Maneuvering sports equipment to perform leisure fitness when the accident can occur and the frequency and frequency, the real 'national fitness, benefit the country and the people' good things to complete. If the new scale announced the implementation, will soon be released. According to the relevant person. Insiders also pointed out. Sport Equipment To the current actual situation, about 1/3 of enterprises to achieve this standard, while the other 2/3 enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises can face a major swap, industry reshuffle will be inevitable.

The interviewer learned from the relevant departments to implement the national standard for the safety of sports equipment for more than six years has been revised. Compared to the original standard of 69 requirements, the new scale requirements of more than 100, Sport Equipment and in addition to content information greatly broadened and refined, the erroneous standard technical policy has made great progress.

The new dimension is tacit to increase content information

World Sporting Goods Standardization Technical Committee, said the relevant personage. Sports equipment as a demolition in public places, communities, schools and other unattended environment, the original standard "sports equipment, sports equipment, frankly universal request" in March 2004 implementation. The person stressed. Must be functional safety, manipulation calmly in the first place, the erronement of the full consideration of all types of people in particular, the child is in the case of the manipulation of Enron. But also consider the fitness of the equipment selection, modeling, efficacy, reliability, durability, environmental Sport Equipment protection and coordination with the surrounding environment, such as increasing requests.

According to reports. The scale of the important drafting of the State Sports General Administration of Sports Equipment and Equipment Center and the National Century Sporting Goods Quality Certification Center infinite company organs many experts in-depth research in the use of equipment, moral performance, over the years. To collect the views and recommendations of direct manipulation of the crowd, for this errand supply of large quantities of data. After the errata of the scale is important for urban parks, sports parks, leisure squares, community, village fitness places and other outdoor venues assembled all kinds of sports equipment, including fitness horizontal and parallel bars, swing, swing chairs, ladder, ribs, Sports car, treadmill, treadmill, Sport Equipment elliptical walking machine, pedal training device, upper limb tractor, slide, children's paradise, outdoor basketball, outdoor table tennis and a series of outdoor sports equipment.

For the purpose of this will be the main body of the sports equipment carrying the wall thickness of not less than 2.5 mm required errata of not less than 2.75 mm; the equipment to receive the important load of the cable, connecting the hook and loop, the connection to discuss the tensile strength of not less than 10,000 Newton erroneous Not less than 14000 Newton. The guidance of these goals will provide a guarantee for the calmness and permanence of the forward sports equipment. An important change in the post-erroneous standard is the weight of the human body used to determine the inherent load from 90 kg to 120 kg; the equipment is designed for a period of four years from the original standard, Sport Equipment and the fixed equipment is fixed for 10 years.

Simultaneously. The new scale will be the body of the body to support all the edges and sharp corners of the corners from the original to be greater than 2.5 mm Errata greater than 3 mm, for the edge of things easy to lead to the operator's body scratched the environment. The thickness of less than 6 mm plate of the human body may be related to the exposed edge of the errata for all the circular surface. Sport Equipment For the device handle diameter is not uniform, all the equipment handle diameter is too small, you may be on the operator or a third person there is the risk of piercing the body, adding the handle to start the diameter of not less than 50 mm request.

In order to prevent the scale of the user's risk of knocking scratches. This errand adds a response to the request for protection. For the original scale only opponents and fingers of the cut, squeeze and clip to send a quantitative request, and the length of the exposed screw may cause the operator clothing, the key chain of the user hook caused by fatal injuries occurred. The erroneous design of the other parts of the body of the shear, crush and other damage to the quantitative target.

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