Standardization Of Intelligent Manufacturing Standard System Will Be Made For Made In China 2025

- Oct 16, 2018-

According to China's WTO/TBT-SPS notification and consultation network, the specific upgrading plan of manufacturing standardization in "Made in China 2025" will mainly focus on the following four aspects.

The first is to establish an intelligent manufacturing standard system. Develop technical standards for intelligent manufacturing, including key terms and vocabularies for intelligent manufacturing, inter-enterprise networking and integration, intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent production lines and digital workshops, intelligent factories, intelligent sensors, high-end instruments, intelligent robots, industrial communications, industrial Internet of Things, industrial clouds and large data, industrial safety A large number of standards such as full and intelligent manufacturing service architecture. In key areas such as intelligent manufacturing, comprehensive standardization should be carried out, with emphasis on speeding up the formulation of system integration standards for major complete sets of equipment and automated production lines featuring intelligentization, and the application of integrated standardization modes to promote the development of standard complexes in the areas of large aircraft, power generation, power transmission and transformation and other advantages, centering on the needs of key users. We will continue to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries standard complex projects. A public service platform for standardized validation and testing was set up, with emphasis on five areas: process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, intelligent equipment and products, new mode of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management and intelligent service.

The two is to strengthen the construction of standard system in basic fields. Focusing on the implementation of industrial strong foundation projects, and closely following the "four bases" development guide catalogue, the standards of basic materials such as steel, non-ferrous, organic and composite materials for key parts and components are formulated. Emphasis is laid on improving the performance, reliability and life standard indexes of key basic components such as bearings, gears and hydraulic air tightness. Centralized research and development of casting, forging, heat treatment and other advanced technology and basic manufacturing equipment standards, breaking the bottleneck of industrial development. Choose core enterprises in key fields such as CNC machine tools, aerospace and power generation equipment, promote the docking of whole machine enterprises and basic supporting enterprises, and carry out the research and development of core basic components, advanced basic technology and key basic material standards and target-reaching activities by using comprehensive standardization methods, so as to systematically solve the problems of design, materials and so on. To improve the quality, reliability and life of the basic products, the linking up of the process and testing standards should be carried out.

The three is to promote standardization in key areas. We should strengthen the development of key technical standards for industrial upgrading, and make over 2000 technical standards. Focus on the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and strengthen the new generation of information technology, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, biomedical and high-performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery Equipment and other key areas of standard development, to promote intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing. Focus on the implementation of high-end equipment innovation projects, in large aircraft, aero-engines and gas turbines, civil aerospace, intelligent green trains, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, smart grid equipment, high-grade numerical control machine tools, nuclear power equipment, high-end diagnostic equipment and other fields. A large number of standards have broken through the bottlenecks of common key technologies, engineering and industrialization, carried out pilot applications and demonstrations, and improved innovation and development capabilities and international competitiveness.

The four is to promote equipment outgoing and international capacity cooperation. We will promote the development of a number of international standards for high-end equipment in key areas such as railways, aerospace and construction machinery. We should actively promote breakthroughs in international standards such as ships, oceans and information technology. We should strengthen the comparative analysis of bulk commodities standards of key countries along the belt and road. China's equipment standards list has been put forward around the key areas such as aerospace and construction machinery. We will intensify mutual recognition of standards, increase the number of countries and standards for mutual recognition, and systematically carry out translation of standard foreign language versions.

In addition, the National Standards Commission will speed up the construction of research bases for standard innovation, actively bring into play the advantages of three national technological standards innovation bases, such as Zhongguancun, South China Center and Guangzhou, which have been approved for preparation, and strengthen the coordinated development of technological standards development with technological innovation and industrial upgrading, so as to promote the industrialization, marketization and internationalization of innovative achievements. We will strive to build 20 national technological standards innovation bases in manufacturing related fields during the 13th Five-Year Plan to support the transformation of China's manufacturing industry from large to strong.

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