Standardization Of Supporting Electrical Industry Transformation And Upgrading Of China's Electrical Industry Standard Industry Threshold And Forced Role Is Obvious

- Oct 16, 2018-

According to China's WTO/TBT-SPS notification and consultation network, in 2014, the electrical industry reported 169 items of four batches of national standard plans, 140 items of coordinating national standard plans, 119 items of national standard format examination and approval, and completed industrial electrothermal equipment, overhead conductors, mechanical structure of electronic equipment and other aspects of IEC international standards. International standard setting. The reporter learned from the working conference on the standardization of China's electrical appliances industry held in Beijing on June 5, 2015 and the second sixth meeting of the Standardization Committee of China Electrical Appliances Industry Association that China's electrical appliances industry has played a very good role in promoting the internationalization of standardization, promoting the advancement of standards and promoting the overall upgrading of the electrical appliances industry. Effect.

It is understood that in 2014, the Standardization Committee of the China Electrical Appliance Industry Association (CEIA) carried out key tasks in the areas of energy-efficient industries, high-end equipment manufacturing industries and new energy industries in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the National Strategic Emerging Industries, and combined with the requirements of the "Guidance Catalogue of Strategic Emerging Industries Standard Complex 2014". Standard research and development work, in view of China's domestic level of functional manufacturing and reliable proximity to and catch up with the international level of products and technologies to carry out standard research and development, play a standard threshold and backward role, standardization to support the transformation and upgrading of the electrical industry.

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