Structural Reform At Both Ends Of Supply And Demand Should Consolidate The Quality Foundation

- Aug 29, 2018-

The structural reform at the two ends of supply and demand is to continue to make good use of structural tax reduction and other means to promote "double creation" and "made in China 2025" and "Internet plus" action plan in terms of supply. In terms of demand, we should lead and create consumption with better quality products, richer new formats and more convenient services. Demand and so on. The two promotions of new and old kinetic energy are the cultivation of new kinetic energy, with emphasis on simplifying government and decentralizing power, implementing innovation-driven strategy and "mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation"; in the transformation of traditional kinetic energy, the emphasis is on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, making good use of the standards of technology, safety, environmental protection and energy consumption, and accelerating backwardness. The elimination of capacity and the exit of "zombie enterprises" will enhance the efficiency of enterprises and the efficiency of resource allocation.

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