Supporting The Transformation And Upgrading Of Electric Appliance Industry By Standardization Has A Significant Effect On The Threshold And Backward Force Of Standard Industry In China's Electric Appliance Industry.

- Jan 10, 2019-

According to China's WTO/TBT-SPS notification and consultation network, in 2014, the electrical industry reported a total of four batches of national standard plans 169, coordinated 140, completed 119 national standard format review and approval, and completed the international standard formulation of industrial electric and thermal equipment, overhead conductors, mechanical structure of electronic equipment and other aspects in IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) international standards. Reporters learned from the 2015 China Electrical Appliance Industry Standardization Working Conference held in Beijing on June 5 and the 2nd and 6th meeting of the Standardization Working Committee of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association that China's electrical appliances industry has played a very good role in promoting the internationalization of standardization, upgrading the advanced standard and promoting the overall upgrading of the electrical appliances industry.

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