The Beauty Of Kitchen Utensils

- Sep 28, 2017-

Kitchenware mainly includes the following five categories: the first category is storage appliances; the second category is the washing utensils; the third category is the conditioning appliances; the fourth category is cooking utensils; the fifth category is the dining utensils.

Choose the principle of kitchen utensils

(1) health principles

Kitchen appliances to have the ability to resist pollution, in particular, to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other contaminated food function, Kitchenware in order to ensure the inherent quality of the entire kitchen utensils. Some cabinets currently on the market have taken all the anti-cockroach seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination.

(2) fire protection principle

Kitchen is the only use of modern home in the area of fire, fire retardant materials, the level of fire, and even determine the safety of the kitchen, Kitchenware especially the kitchen surface fire resistance, but also an important criterion for the selection of kitchen utensils. Therefore, the regular kitchen utensils manufacturers of kitchen utensils all the use of non-combustible, flame retardant materials made.

(3) Convenience principle

The operation of the kitchen to have a reasonable process, therefore, in the kitchen design, according to the correct process design of the various parts of the arrangement, Kitchenware the future is very important to use. And then the height of the stove, hanging cabinet position, etc., have a direct impact on the use of convenience. Therefore, to choose the ergonomic principles and kitchen operating procedures for kitchen utensils.

(4) the principle of beauty

Kitchenware not only requires modeling, color pleasing to the eye, but also to have a lasting, so require a more easy to prevent pollution, Kitchenware good clean performance, which requires the surface material has a good anti-oil, anti-fume ability, so that kitchen can be longer Time to keep the surface clean as new.

Kitchenware purchase

In the past the family kitchen is a relatively independent area, is currently with the family space as a whole. So the appearance of the requirements of the kitchen increasingly stress, is no longer only need to be able to place kitchen utensils, washing vegetables, and began to pursue the beautiful kitchen utensils. For the requirements of modern sets of kitchen utensils, no less than other furniture, Kitchenware a variety of styles of modern kitchen utensils by consumers. General home because the kitchen space is not large, so the lighter color of the kitchen more popular, such as green, light gray. In the kitchen surface of the material to the mainstream of the refractory board. After the improvement of the refractory board is not only dazzling, its heat, Kitchenware durability and more significant improvement, a change in the past weak impression. Complete sets of kitchen utensils in the storage function design is also more carefully, sophisticated, swept away the past messy, hard to find the dilemma.

In the kitchen under the concept of integration, it should be noted that not all of household appliances can be embedded in the cabinet, should take into account the household appliances and cabinets in the material and heat on the match, otherwise it will affect the safety of home appliances , Harm their own security.

The main body of the kitchen is the upper and lower cabinets and counters, the upper and lower cabinet price unit is calculated by mass per meter. Kitchenware There are also custom-made all kinds of counters, when you buy a brand of kitchen utensils, to pay a certain amount of deposit, the store or factory designers can come according to the size of the kitchen room size, Kitchenware measured by drawing the design and then calculate the price, That can be implemented after the satisfaction, and then the customer to the store or factory full payment. At the appointed time, the professionals will come to the door to install.

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