The Chinese Government Attaches Great Importance To The Health Of Overseas Citizens

- Sep 20, 2018-

Since the beginning of 2016, there has been a serious yellow fever epidemic in Angola, Africa. As of March 31, 1 501 suspected cases of yellow fever, 493 confirmed cases and 218 deaths were found in Angola, resulting in dozens of infections among Chinese citizens in Angola, eight of whom died of ineffective treatment. At the same time, 9 confirmed cases of imported yellow fever (4 cases in Beijing, 4 cases in Fujian and 1 case in Shanghai) have been reported in China. With the continuous development of the epidemic situation and the increasing number of infected persons, the Chinese government, in order to ensure the life and health safety of overseas Chinese, effectively prevent the spread of the epidemic situation caused by the importation of yellow fever, and protect the public health safety of China, urgently set up a health and quarantine working group of 10 persons composed of the backbone of the General Administration of Quality and Inspection (AQSIQ). Beijing time on March 26th at 21 o'clock, flew to Luanda, capital of Angola.

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