The First Domestic Waterborne Interior Wall Paint In Shanghai

- Nov 13, 2018-

According to China's WTO/TBT-SPS Notification and Consultation Network, the first "Water-borne Children's Interior Wall Coatings" Shanghai Social Group Standard was launched in Shanghai recently.

This is the first national standard for children's coatings, which strictly limits harmful substances in children's coatings products, improves environmental protection requirements, is conducive to standardizing the construction coatings market, creating a fair competitive environment, so that consumers have more opportunities to choose high-quality waterborne interior wall coatings. It is reported that the standard is "the most stringent in history" in terms of physical properties such as washing resistance (secondary), stain resistance, volatile organic compounds content, free formaldehyde, hexavalent chromium content and other quantitative indicators of chemical properties.

Children's paint is a kind of product which has been developed in recent years. It is called "the best" and "the most environmentally friendly". But experts in the industry say that most of the children's paints sold on the market are children's paints, which are sold at high prices under the banner of "environmental protection", but the actual indicators are not much different from ordinary paints. The so-called "zero formaldehyde volatilization" is just a promotional gimmick. Because children's coatings are not the national classification standards of coatings and their environmental protection coefficient is not clearly referred to, the market supervision of children's coatings needs to be standardized urgently. At the same time, experts remind consumers to consume rationally and avoid falling into the trap of businesses. From the perspective of children and family health, it is best to choose waterborne lacquer products.

The standard is jointly formulated by Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association, the Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai and 18 leading enterprises in Shanghai paint industry.

Industry insiders also said that at present, the standard is not a mandatory national standard, its popularity needs to be examined.

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