The History Of ISO9001

- Aug 27, 2018-

With the rapid development of international trade, in order to adapt to the internationalization trend of product and capital flow and seek measures to eliminate technical barriers in international trade, ISO/TC176 organizes experts from various countries to formulate ISO 9000 series of international standards on the basis of summing up their experience in quality management.

Revision process of ISO9000 family standard 2000 Edition

1998 WD 02 - Working Group draft 1998 CD1 09 - committee draft (1 edition)

1999 CD2 02 - committee draft (2 edition)

November 1999 DIS - draft standard

2000 FDIS 09 - draft final standard

December 2000 ISO - International Standard

Why do we need to revise the ISO9000 standard?

International standards should be revised in about five years. ISO9000 standard was first published in 1987 to the first revised in 1994 seven years apart, 1994 edition has gone through five years. The current 1994 edition ISO9001 standard of 20 elements structure model will be related to the process of separation, does not reflect the concept of modern management "process".

The 1994 edition of ISO9001 standard is too much for hardware manufacturing. Other industries are inconvenient to use.

Due to the defects of the 1994 edition of ISO9000 basic standards (ISO9000-1, ISO9001, ISO9004), the number of guideline standards in ISO9000 family has expanded rapidly.

The focus of the 1994 ISO 9001 standard is to ensure the ability to provide qualified products without specifying the requirements and expectations of customers.

ISO 9001:1994 is only limited to maintaining the required quality assurance capability, without emphasizing the continuous improvement to continuously improve business performance.

The current 94 edition is not easy to integrate with other management systems (ISO14000, OHSAS18000, etc.).

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