The Meaning Of Supervision And Management System For Food Additives Production License

- Oct 18, 2018-

Supervision is the supervision of the state of things and the progress of the state, and the supervision of legal significance is the supervision of the correct implementation and compliance of the law.

As far as the subject of supervision is concerned, there are legislative supervision, i.e. legislative supervision of the people's congresses and their standing committees at all levels; judicial supervision, i.e. supervision of the legal implementation of procuratorial organs and judicial organs; administrative supervision, i.e. supervision of administrative supervision, supervision of the execution of laws by higher levels of administrative organs to lower levels, and functional constraints between administrative organs. There is social supervision over the administration of the government according to law, including the supervision of social organizations, the supervision of the media, the people's participation in politics and deliberation, and the supervision of complaints and reports.

From the perspective of the scope and object of administrative supervision, it includes the supervision of administrative organs'administrative acts according to law, the supervision of the legitimacy and rationality of specific administrative acts of administrative organs' staff, and the supervision of law-abiding enterprises and individuals.

From the content of administrative supervision, including the implementation of administrative licensing supervision, supervision of supervision and inspection, supervision of the implementation of administrative penalties.

In reality, the supervision of legislative supervision, judicial supervision and administrative organs'function restriction is limited to the supervision of specific matters and cases, and is not regular. The supervision of higher administrative organs to lower administrative organs is more important, more specific and more effective daily supervision.

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