The National Standard For Outdoor Assault Clothing Has Special Provisions For Child Safety

- Apr 13, 2017-

Recently, the National Standards Committee issued the "outdoor sportswear clothing" (GB/T32614-2016) National standards. The national standard for the release of the main products for the basic performance, safety, functional indicators to standardize. At the same time, considering the children's health, safety and the use of standard special provisions on the requirements of the children, such as children, children's wear coat drawstring safety rope and pull safety requirements, residual metal needle.

Standard requirements for quality jackets products mainly includes three aspects, one is the safety index, including formaldehyde content, pH value, odor, biodegradable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, to achieve the "national textile product basic safety technical specifications" (GB18401-2010) requirements; two is the basic performance requirements of products, including washing the size change rate, color fastness, mutual stitching color fastness, light fastness, pilling and abrasion resistance, tear strength, pants crotch seam strength index; three is the functional requirements, including surface moisture resistance, hydrostatic pressure, moisture permeability index.

In addition, the standard also specifies the jacket product durability requirements, including pilling and abrasion resistance, tear strength, pants seam strength, the main consideration in general climbing and hiking and other outdoor activities, may be a variety of unexpected factors and scratched or damaged clothing, thus affecting the function and appearance of the dress clothing.

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