The New Measures For The Administration Of Entry-exit Inspection And Quarantine Visas Clearly Defines The Procedures And Responsibilities Of Each Link Of The Visa.

- Dec 10, 2018-

The new approach incorporates the examination form into the visa process management, and defines the charging and charging requirements in Chapter III. Chapter VI defines the management of blank certificates, visa seals and procuratorial files, so that the visa process is more complete and specific. Under the new method, the procuratorial department is responsible for examining trade documents, the financial department is responsible for fee auditing, and the inspection department is responsible for examining professional documents and drafting and examining and signing. This division of labor clarifies the responsibilities of each link of the process and improves the efficiency of examination and approval of documents.

The new method also clarifies the responsibilities of visa posts and procuratorial archives posts, separates the work of making and issuing certificates, and stipulates that the visa seals and blank certificates should be kept separately by special persons, which is conducive to reducing the error rate caused by carelessness and effectively controlling the issuance of human relations certificates.

The examination and approval of issuing two or more original certificates is the responsibility of the procuratorate; certificates involving multiple inspection departments are drafted and signed by the procuratorate; this avoids mutual prevarication among departments, is conducive to the clarity of visa responsibilities and improves visa efficiency.

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