The Owner's Information Was Collected By Stealth? Market Regulatory Departments Rectify Harassing Telephones

- Jul 09, 2019-

Recently, according to the clues of mass reports, the Sanjiang Market Supervision Bureau of Jinhua Market Supervision Bureau has conducted a surprise inspection according to law and found that a Furniture Customization shop in downtown has collected 2043 owners'information of some new districts in one time without the consent or authorization of several districts. To promote business. At present, the Bureau has put on record the illegal acts of the parties and will impose administrative penalties according to law.

On March 5, 2019, law enforcement officers of Yiwu Market Regulatory Bureau found a data sheet collected by a food company selling "Bear Bile Powder", which was named "Health Assistance Registration Form of China Anti-Aging and Chronic Disease Intervention Project". The main contents of the data were consumer's name, gender, age and contact electricity. In the case of words, addresses, etc., the parties concerned are prepared to use the above information to contact customers for the promotion of commodities. The parties collect and use personal information of consumers without the consent of consumers.

The acts of the parties violated the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Law of the People's Republic of China. The Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau decided to impose a fine of 20,000 yuan on the parties.

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