The Quality Award Is More Scientific

- Aug 28, 2018-

Wang Yue pointed out that compared with the first China Quality Award, the selection of the second China Quality Award also has many changes and characteristics, more detailed, deeper and more scientific. The 2nd China Quality Award is selected according to different categories in different industries, including manufacturing industry, service industry, engineering construction, national defense industry, front-line teams (the grassroots collective), etc. "This kind of evaluation is more comparable, the same kind is more fair compared with the same kind, and the number has also increased, matching the classification evaluation." He said that the aim of China's quality awards has remained unchanged, because it is an election that needs to be responsible for history and must be high standards and strict requirements.

The second China Quality Award was selected by the first-line workers, which was a significant change and feature in Wang Yue's view. "The contributions made by different talents are not the same. The contribution made by these"big craftsmen"in terms of quality is also obvious. They do not necessarily have a high theoretical level, but many people do have a very high level of quality." Taking the accuracy of a high-level Astronautical technician's hand-made inspection template exceeding that of German and Swiss machine tools as an example, Wang Yue believes that this fully reflects the high level of quality of front-line workers, which is irreplaceable and of high quality and has made important contributions to social development.

Multi-level Organization experts strictly select, select from the national and social levels strictly check, the selection has always adhered to economic behavior has nothing to do with... Wang Yue said that the selection of quality awards in China, while drawing lessons from the international scientific, common and regular things, is also constantly forming its own characteristics, as long as in the future practice adhere to the dynamic development, will certainly become a quality award system with Chinese characteristics.

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