The Supervision And Management System Of Food Additives Production License Is A Comprehensive Supervision System Mainly Based On Administrative Supervision.

- Oct 18, 2018-

There are general administrative basic laws to supervise the work of production license of food additives, including Administrative Licensing Law, Administrative Punishment Law, Administrative Compulsory Law, Administrative Reconsideration Law, Administrative Procedure Law and State Compensation Law; there are special laws on food additives, including Food Additives Law. Safety Law, Regulations on the Implementation of Food Safety Law, Product Quality Law, Regulations on the Administration of Production Licenses for Industrial Products and Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Food Additives Production, etc. According to the legislative purposes and principles of these laws and regulations, the legal system established, the substantive norms of conduct stipulated and the procedures established, the substantive requirements and the legitimacy of the working procedures for the implementation of food additives production licensing, and the working organizations and their staff engaged in licensing, including the quality and technical supervision departments Civil servants, law enforcement officers and staff members of the production license examination bodies shall perform their duties and supervise the production behavior of enterprises that have obtained food additives production licenses, supervise the production behavior of food production enterprises that use food additives, and supervise the days of enterprises that produce and use food additives. Regular or special supervision and inspection of law enforcement; administrative penalties shall be imposed on relevant institutions, enterprises and their personnel for illegal acts.

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