The Universality Of Sports Equipment

- Nov 03, 2017-

How to choose sports equipment

First, the use of multi-functional fitness products. Should have one or two kinds of functional products, such as to exercise arm muscles on the choice of arm, want to exercise waist and abdomen and legs to choose to ride or kin belly wheel. As for the whole body strength Space treadmill sex, comprehensive exercise, Sport Equipment in addition to choose to go to a professional gym, can assist the regular outdoor exercise equipment exercise.

Second, consider the living environment and living conditions. A suitable for their own family atmosphere and living conditions of sports equipment, will improve the quality of life. In general, a single function of the fitness device occupies a small, some of the more functional fitness in the home, Sport Equipment some of the functions due to space constraints, and can not really play a role, and if the footprint is too large, each use needs to be installed or moved, will greatly reduce the enthusiasm for fitness.

Third, the price is moderate. Do not blindly worship foreign products, domestic enterprises produce products, relatively low prices, more kinds, the function of these products is also fully able to meet the needs of the exercise, and due to the addition of some localized elements, some of the function is also the lack of foreign sports equipment.

Four, after-sales service to pay attention to. Sport Equipment The purchase of fitness equipment should also be like buying other products, do not neglect the after-sales service, Sport Equipment especially parts more fitness equipment, but also to ask the specific ways of after-sales service, foreign products to ask whether there are maintenance points.

Sports equipment, like a blossoming flower, decorated with a modern city, Sport Equipment for the national fitness to provide the convenience anytime and anywhere. But also to use the science, otherwise it has to be reversed, not only activities of the body bone, but also to avoid injury, to achieve the best of both worlds, only to reach the purpose of fitness.

Sports equipment in the movement equipment set, the target group is the public, its universality makes it simple, easy to learn, quick to effect characteristics. But it is after all sports equipment, need to master the basic essentials of operation, exercise gradually, do not try to be brave and competing, so that the human body and sports equipment harmony and unity. In this way, we can effectively avoid the motion damage caused by blind operation. China's "Sports Equipment fitness path safety General requirements" national standards in Beijing through the experts approved, the "fitness path" from the shape, structural design, static load capacity, stability, safety warning, equipment installation and site requirements, electrical safety and other aspects of the provision of clear standards to ensure the use of safety.

Use sports equipment to keep in mind the four notes.

Notice one: Do not exercise too much. In the past, people who regularly take part in physical exercise can increase the amount of exercise, generally with a pulse of not more than 110 times/min, the maximum is not more than 120 times/min. Old comrades who do not often or never take part in physical exercise are the first to choose the right sport.

Note two: Before the exercise must be prepared activities, Sport Equipment warm-up 10-15 minutes or so. This prevents twisting the neck, twisting the waist and injuring the nerves.

Note Three: After the exercise to do some finishing activities. Because people in the movement after capillary expansion, if sitting on the ground does not move, the human blood in the body's distal can not return to the heart, will feel the heart oppressed, have high blood pressure and heart disease of the old comrades, Sport Equipment after the exercise to walk, buffer 10 minutes or so.

Four: Take good exercise time. Old friends exercise time is best in about 40 minutes, left not less than 30 minutes, right do not exceed 1 hours.

Sports equipment should also pay attention to: the Community "fitness path" fitness equipment can be divided into physical structure movement (also known as anaerobic exercise), aerobic exercise and the body's flexibility training three kinds. The use of these sports equipment can help people treat biomechanics, excess energy, Sport Equipment and neurological and psychiatric disorders. According to the functions of various equipment, we divide the sports equipment in the Community "fitness path" into four types.

One is the extension class. There are ribbed wood frame, horizontal bar and other pressing leg lever type equipment. This type of exercise does not claim that the elderly are pressing their legs or raising their legs so high that it does not represent health. Sport Equipment The best advice is not to shoulder.

Use the lower trainer also be very careful, because the elderly muscle soft tissue in less water, there are individual elderly osteoporosis, can not damage the lumbar spine.

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