Warm Congratulations On The Second China Quality Award Presentation Ceremony.

- Aug 28, 2018-

In this spring of hope, the second China Quality Award presentation ceremony was held in the Great Hall of the people. This is a great event in China's quality field. Excellent representatives of quality circles of our country gathered together to share the successful experience of quality innovation practice, explore new ideas to promote quality promotion and development, and discuss the strategy of building a quality power. The event also provides a good opportunity for quality workers to learn advanced quality management theory and practical experience. We warmly congratulate the organizations and individuals who won the second China Quality Award and nomination award. Pay high tribute to the quality workers throughout the country!

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to the award of the China Quality Award. Premier Li Keqiang gave important instructions. State Councilor Wang Yong personally presented the award and made an important speech. In his instructions, Premier Li Keqiang stressed: "Quality development is the foundation of a strong country, the foundation of its undertaking and the key to its transformation. All regions and departments should vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the country by quality, adhere to reform and innovation, strengthen policy guidance, and take upgrading quality as an important grasp to promote the upgrading of supply structure and demand structure, so as to speed up the development of the new economy." It will provide strong support for economic development and expansion of new kinetic energy and upgrading of traditional kinetic energy. The instructions also require: "All walks of life should learn from award-winning organizations and individuals, promote the spirit of craftsmen, bravely climb the peak of quality, to create more well-known brands of consumer satisfaction. Let the pursuit of excellence and the advocacy of quality become the value orientation and the spirit of the times of the whole society and the whole nation, and make greater contributions to the promotion of economic "double high" and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way. The Premier's instructions are roomy and rich in connotation, which greatly encourages the award-winning organizations and individuals of the Chinese Quality Award, reinterprets the importance of quality work, and further mobilizes them to vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the country through quality. They are ideological, instructive and targeted, so as to do a good job in the present and future. The quality work during the period pointed out the direction. State Councilor Wang Yong stressed that efforts should be made to improve quality supply, comprehensively strengthen quality innovation, always strictly supervise quality and vigorously promote quality culture. These speeches reflect the Party and the state attach great importance to quality work, the deep concern for quality development, and the ardent expectation of building a quality power. I believe that quality workers will be greatly inspired, deeply inspired, for the courage to climb the quality peak, the construction of a strong country of confidence and determination will also be more firm.

Twenty-first Century is the century of quality. Under the new normal, quality is more and more important to the strategic significance of China's economic and social development. Not long ago, at the two sessions of the National People's Congress, "building a strong quality country" as a major decision was written into the "13th Five-Year Plan", further highlighting the quality as a support role in national construction. In fact, the construction of a quality power has become a national policy, which is the embodiment of the concept of "focusing on improving the quality and efficiency of development". Such a concept has become a high degree of consensus between the whole Party and the whole nation.

In recent years, China's quality work has made considerable progress, whether from the manufacturing industry product quality qualified rate, or from the manufacturing industry quality competitiveness index, the overall quality level showed a stable trend of improvement. However, China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, producing mainly low-end products, high-tech content, high-quality, high value-added products are few, total factor productivity and manufacturing quality competitiveness are lagging behind developed countries. In recent years, China's consumer spillover, high-end consumption transfer phenomenon, although there are many reasons, but quality and brand is one of the important factors.

What should I do? It is undoubtedly an important solution to the problem by establishing a national quality award system, rewarding outstanding enterprises, popularizing advanced quality management methods and promoting quality improvement. In fact, the establishment of a national quality award system is an international practice. China Quality Award focuses on the evaluation of management, evaluation concept, establish quality management benchmark, encourage quality management innovation, and then promote quality upgrading, promote economic transformation and upgrading, with special significance and important role. To achieve economic transformation and upgrading, we must pay attention to quality upgrading. To achieve quality upgrading, we must pay attention to quality management. And innovation quality management must pay attention to benchmarking demonstration. China Quality Award is to carry forward the spirit of pursuing excellence, unswervingly promote advanced quality management models and methods, and show the latest level of quality development in China to the world.

Judging from the situation of the winners of the 1st and 2nd China Quality Awards, they really deserve this honor, which is a solid benchmark of quality. The state gives these quality benchmarking enterprises enough incentives and reputation dissemination, so that they can be more familiar with consumers, so that their products become consumer trust. More importantly, while guiding consumption, these organizations and individuals can also benefit more enterprises by summing up and perfecting the advanced quality innovation ideas and experiences in practice, fundamentally upgrading the level of "Made in China" and making "Made in China" and "Chinese brand" truly recognized by domestic and foreign consumers.

It can be said that the glory of the China Quality Award belongs not only to the winners, but also to everyone who has made great efforts to build quality in China. Extensive extension gives quality itself a grand narrative ability, and this attribute of quality determines that it is a practical activity that the whole society extensively participates in. Therefore, in the process of striving for and defending the glory of quality, whether it is enterprises, organizations, individuals or government departments,

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