What Are The Requirements For The Management Of Energy Measuring Instruments?

- Sep 13, 2018-

GB 17167 - 2006 "General Principles for the Equipment and Management of Energy Metering Apparatuses for Energy-using Units" stipulates the management requirements for energy measuring apparatuses for energy-using units.

Energy utilization units should establish, maintain and continuously improve the energy metering management system. The system is best integrated with the established quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system or measurement management system to form a unified management system. Or on the basis of these management systems, through the revision and improvement of system documents, into the above-mentioned management system, do not require a separate energy measurement management system, in order to save resources and avoid duplication. The operation mode of management system is used to strengthen energy metering management of enterprises, so as to obtain organizational and institutional guarantee, so as to standardize the behavior of energy metering personnel, improve the management of energy metering instruments, and improve the level of energy metering data collection, processing and summary.

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