What Points Should Be Paid Attention To In Color Fastness Testing Of Textiles

- Apr 13, 2017-

From an inspector from A to Z inspection procedures, to inspector of division of labor, each responsible for different inspection project, for example, was responsible for the combination of feeding preparation, was responsible for the test operation, was responsible for the assessment of technology and so on.

This fine division of labor model, the advantage is that the inspectors can focus on a particular process; you can focus on the process of dealing with each of the problems. However, the people who are responsible for the following process do not understand the work of the previous process, resulting in the problem of the existence of some lag.

It is very important for the textile inspector to do a good job in every step of the color fastness testing.

Prepare composite sample

First of all, the first step is to prepare the test samples according to the standard requirements. Cut out the sample and select the multi-fiber lining or single fiber lining according to the requirements of the standards or the requirements specified by the customer. After selecting the lining with the specimen, the specimen is stitched to form the combined sample. Here you need to pay attention to the following points:

(1) When receiving the task list, we must first check whether the sample is consistent with the description of the task list. For example, the color of the sample, the number of samples, and the sample is knitted or woven and other information.

(2) When the sample information is correct, it begins to cut the size of the sample according to the standard or customer requirements. In the process of cutting, it is necessary to clearly understand the standard requirement of the lining fabric is a multi-fiber lining or single fiber lining. Multi fiber lining, in the process of cutting should pay attention to all the color and multi fiber lining fabric of the six kinds of fibers perpendicular to each other, which is also very important. If you cannot contain all the color of the sample, then it is necessary to prepare multiple sets of samples for testing, to ensure the accuracy of the test results.

(3) The specimen is cut in accordance with the standard requirements, and then a good lining is sewed along the short edge of the lining. At the same time will put on a composite sample, in the corresponding position specified for the following test personnel ready.

Test operation according to standard requirements

As the preparation and test of the composite sample is operated by the personnel separately, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding test solution according to the requirements of the standard. How to do a good job this test should do the following:

(1) The first aspect of the instrument and equipment. The effectiveness of the equipment must be checked prior to work to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the test results. It is necessary to check whether the equipment is working properly before starting work every day. Cleaning and maintenance of equipment before work is one of the effective methods to ensure the life of equipment.

(2) Need to check the sweat began to experiment before the alkali resistance and acid resistance of the composite specimen is placed in the correct position and the corresponding mark to ensure the accuracy of test process. In accordance with the requirements of the prescribed bath ratio, time, weight and the number of samples to be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the standard, to ensure that the test data is accurate and feasible and effective.

(3) To completely wet the sample which is difficult to be completely wetted? Otherwise, there is a great difference between the results of the test and the results of the complete wetting.

(4) Comparison of personnel differences. There may be differences in the same test for different people, so it is important to compare the differences between people. By comparing the differences between people to reduce unnecessary human error, so that the test data is accurate and reliable.

Good ratings


The dry sample is evaluated by grey card to test the color change of the sample and the color of the lining fabric. Rating is the last process, but also the most important process, the results of the rating is the final conclusion of the customer or consumer to see. Some experience on doing a good job rating:

(1) first of all, we must clearly understand the relevant standards, familiar with the standard requirements and the relevant provisions of the enterprise to make the correct evaluation of the combination of series of samples.

(2) for the work of the previous two processes have to be aware of, can accurately determine the previous process problems, so that timely detection and timely correction of errors. In addition to strictly enforce the provisions of the standard, in the D65 light source rating, to ensure the accuracy of the evaluation of the series. At the same time, according to the requirements of the 45 degree angle.

(3) On the differences in vision. In the eyes of the need to be within the prescribed time to compare the differences in the eye. This can effectively avoid some man-made errors to the enterprise and customers caused unnecessary losses.

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