Wheat Flour Products Need To Strictly Control The Vomiting Contamination Risk

- Dec 23, 2016-

What is a DON, DON belong to single-ended mortierella allyl toxins, are wheat, barley, oats, corn, and other grains and their products in the most common type of pollution of fungal toxins, the main toxin-producing fungus is Fusarium graminearum (F. Graminearum) Fusarium and yellow (F. Culmorum). Triggered by a characteristic of animals vomiting, also known as Vomitoxin DON (Vomitoxin,VT). DON stable, heat-and pressure-resistant, acid-resistant, easy to store, food processing in General cannot undermine its structure, alkali, or pressure treatment to destroy part of the toxin. According to the well-known food and agricultural products testing and certification agency ICAS ICAS certification testing technology of the Group of experts, the DON contamination of grain worldwide, mainly due to the grain in the field by fungi such as Fusarium graminearum, cause Fusarium head blight in wheat and maize ear rot, under the right conditions of temperature and humidity breeding merged with HIV.

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